Speech: Fixing the Hydro Mess

On April 9th, MPP Ghamari spoke about the need to fix the hydro mess. After 15 years of Liberal waste, scandal and mismanagement, Ontarians just don’t have the luxury of waiting any longer.

Even before our government for the people was elected, the Progressive Conservative caucus that was in the opposition was focused on the hydro file, and all throughout the election our party was very vocal on the need to clean up the hydro mess created by the previous Liberal government. In fact, it was one of our five core commitments.

We saw the damage that was being done to the residents of Ontario. Since we got elected, we have been methodically taking a step-by-step approach to bring back our hydro system, to put back into place a system that our small, medium and large job creators can rely upon and, most importantly, to bring back a system that the taxpayers of Ontario can rely upon.