Province supports the creation of new student and child care spaces


[CARLETON] — Today, Goldie Ghamari MPP for Carleton announced that the Ontario government is investing $34.4 million in education to help support families in Findlay Creek and Riverside South. This investment is a part of the Government’s commitment to building state-of-the-art schools for Ontario youth.

Highlights include:

Riverside South Catholic Elementary School – $15.2 million

  • 507 student spaces
  • 39 licensed child care spaces
  • 2 new child care rooms
  • The new Riverside South Catholic Elementary School will be located at the north west corner of Brian Good Avenue and Solarium Ave, south of Earl Armstrong Road, in the Riverside South Community.

Findlay Creek #2 Public Elementary School – $19.2 million

  • 674 student spaces
  • 39 licensed child care spaces
  • 2 new child care rooms
  • The new Findlay Creek Elementary School will be located on a 6.3 acre site at the corner of Miikana Road and Kelly Farm Drive in the Findlay Creek Community.

“Building public schools is one of my top local priorities. I am thrilled that the Ontario Government has approved funding to build a second public elementary school in Findlay Creek, and Riverside South,” said Goldie Ghamari, MPP for Carleton. “These are not just investments in bricks and mortar, our government is investing in the future of Ontario’s children by creating modern, state of the art schools so that all children can have a better learning environment in these growing communities.”

The project is part of a provincewide investment of nearly $500 million to support new school and child care spaces that were recently announced by the Minister of Education. The overall investment will support the creation of 37 school related projects which include 23 child care centres. This funding will add nearly 15,700 new student spaces and 1,502 licensed child care spaces at schools across Ontario.

“We are building new schools, building more affordable child care spaces, and building hope and opportunity for Ontario students as they learn in more normal and safer classrooms,” said the Minister of Education. “We believe that students deserve to learn in-person in state-of-the-art facilities that are internet connected, accessible, with modern ventilation systems, which is why our government is delivering a major investment that accelerates construction to get it done for parents, students, and communities.”

The investment is part of the Ontario government’s commitment to provide $14 billion to support school construction over ten years. Since 2018, the government has approved nearly 200 new projects and there are currently more than 300 child care and education building-related projects in development, with more than 100 actively under construction.

“Under the Premier’s leadership, our government is delivering more schools across the province to support the needs of Ontario’s students, families and growing communities. By cutting red tape and introducing the Rapid Build pilot project to expedite procurement and construction processes to build better schools faster, we’re ensuring that students reap the benefits of state-of-the-art learning facilities sooner and have access to education in a safe and healthy environment.” said the Minister of Infrastructure. “These investments are just one of the ways we’re building critical infrastructure – such as schools, hospitals, long-term care homes and public transit – that Ontarians rely on with a budget over $148 billion over the next decade.”

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Candice Coates, Executive Assistant
Office of Goldie Ghamari, MPP