PRESS RELEASE: Riverside South Public High School

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MPP Ghamari meets with the Hon. Lisa Thompson regarding building a public high school in Riverside South MPP Ghamari presented a petition of over 2500 signatures [...]

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Statement on Section 33: The Notwithstanding Clause

I support Premier Ford because, notwithstanding Justice Belobaba’s erroneous decision, Bill 5 is a constitutional piece of legislation.   Introduction: I remember my first day of law school like [...]

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!Wishing you and your family all the best as we celebrate Canada's 151st birthday. VIEW IN BROWSER Jul 1, 2018 GOLDIE GHAMARI MPP Elect - Carleton Dear Friends, [...]

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Thank You

GOLDIE GHAMARI MPP Elect - Carleton Thank you. I am truly humbled and honoured to have been voted in as Carleton's first Member of Provincial Parliament. [...]

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Join me this Saturday in Richmond!

I'm celebrating Richmond's 200th by marching in a parade. Will you join me for this historic event and support the Richmond Village Association? VIEW IN BROWSER Jun 15, 2018 GOLDIE [...]

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