MPP Ghamari unequivocally denounces Resolution 4 and what it represents.

November 19, 2018

TORONTO – Today, MPP Ghamari made the following statement in denouncing Resolution 4, which was passed at the Ontario PC Party Convention this past weekend:

“Let me be perfectly clear: Should Resolution 4 be debated at next year’s policy convention, I will be speaking out against it as I do not support it in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, I have reached out to the Premier’s office, and I have received confirmation today that Premier Doug Ford will explore every option as Leader of the Ontario PC Party to prevent this resolution from moving forward.

We were excited to have almost 2000 dedicated and passionate conservatives attend our convention this past weekend. Our party is strong, united and diverse. The political ideology of our members spans across the spectrum, and we encourage all members to bring forward their personal ideas. As someone who has always been a strong advocate, supporter and ally of the LGBTQ2+ community, I have always felt welcome in sharing my views within the Party, with constituents, and throughout the campaign.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that Resolution 4 does not in any way constitute a stated policy goal of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, nor is it part of our government’s existing legislative agenda. Before making it to the floor of the convention, this resolution was brought to the PC Policy Advisory Committee which is comprised of MPPs and Party Members. Anyone is allowed to submit an amendment. The PC Policy Advisory Committee rejected this motion.

Because we encourage grassroots involvement from our Party membership, we always encourage discourse. After this resolution was rejected at the PC Policy Advisory Committee, it was brought to a vote at the convention by that same member, a delegate who was stripped of her credentials as a PC candidate before the June election. Her views are not in any way representative of the diverse membership of the Ontario PC party. Additionally, as this was a non-binding resolution, it does not in any way constitute a platform promise. We remain committed to serving the needs of all Ontarians, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender.

As MPP for Carleton, I am, and always will be, a strong voice for everyone in the riding of Carleton, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or any other factor. There is no room for intolerance or disrespect anywhere in Ontario or across Canada.”

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For more information please contact:
Barbara Shantz, Executive Assistant
Office of Goldie Ghamari, MPP